Políticas de Garantía

Warranty Policies

Terms and conditions Guarantees

La Bodega Solar has products from various manufacturers, therefore, the equipment is subject to change; whether it be discontinuation of manufacture or incompatibility with previous models, such changes may happen at any time without prior notice from the manufacturer.
The client is responsible for being aware of the conditions of use and warranty terms of each product purchased, such data can be found on the page: https://www.labodegasolar.com/blogs/terminos-y-condiciones/ warranty-policies or, on the website of its respective manufacturer.
The guarantee scheme is activated at the time the customer acquires or receives the product, this will be subject to terms and conditions determined by the manufacturer.
La Bodega Solar does not issue any type of direct guarantee, everything is through official distributors and/or manufacturers. The parties involved, suppliers and manufacturers will comply with the provisions of Chapter IX (ninth) of the Federal Consumer Protection Law and NOM-024-SCFI-2013.
La Bodega Solar will not be responsible for:
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Equipment removal and installation costs
  • Malfunction of equipment in use
  • accidental damage
  • loss of invoice
  • Warranty expiration
However, the Technical Support Department will provide pertinent support for the guarantee process against the manufacturer or supplier, as long as the client complies with the necessary guidelines to validate it; full evidence of failure and good installation practices. Both the manufacturer and the supplier will have RMA (Return of Material Authorization) formats "Return Merchandise Authorization" for its acronym in English so that a guarantee process can be carried out in a timely manner.
Under no circumstances will damaged equipment be received, since all warranty validation processes require that the equipment must be installed in the place where it failed and under monitoring if possible.
Resolution times will always be determined by the manufacturer based on their policies. At all times, the client is responsible for following up on their case and covering the costs of processing and shipping to enforce the guarantee of their product.
Response times and warranty approval are independent from the Bodega Solar Technical Support department and will only be governed by official issues exposed with the evidence required by the manufacturer or supplier of the product.
In the case of an authorized guarantee, the Technical Support department of La Bodega Solar will issue a case or RMA, which is required for follow-up and receipt of the equipment at the nearest La Bodega Solar warehouse, the client will be responsible for covering shipping costs.
Assembly equipment and structures
It is the customer's responsibility to find out about:
  • Torque parameters applied to the hardware of the acquired structure.
  • Ceiling conditions suitable for mounting.
  • Recommended climate type.
  • Have evidence of installation: torque, inclination and orientation. (Necessary for validation of any structure guarantee).
Said data may be consulted in the technical data sheets issued by the respective manufacturers. The Solar Warehouse will provide instructions with the pertinent recommendations, as well as all the aforementioned data in relation to the Installation of Assembly Systems, in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Consumer Protection Law, NOM-024-SCFI- 2013 and NOM-001-SEDE-2012 ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS (USE).
La Bodega Solar will not be responsible under any circumstances for the recommendations, calculations, proposals and any type of indication related to the use of equipment and materials, given by the Engineering body that makes up La Bodega Solar. The indicated data is merely informative, with the customer being responsible for reviewing and confirming the data and indications.
At the moment in which the acceptance of the Terms and Conditions is confirmed, the client will be solely responsible, assuming responsibility for all possible events where the guarantee processes are not applicable, for which the client will not be able to take legal action. towards La Bodega Solar as well as its subsidiaries, parent companies, partners, shareholders, legal representatives, attorneys-in-fact, employees, agents, suppliers, customers, business partners, subcontractors and other third parties related to the acquisition of the Goods or the rendering of the Services, by what the Client guarantees and undertakes to refrain from carrying out and/or executing any type of act that could affect the company itself or related personnel, who may be affected by the breach or violation of any applicable law.
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