¿Cuánto cuesta una placa solar industrial?

How much does an industrial solar panel cost?

Due to the enormous increase in electricity rates in the industrial sector at the national level: an average of 6% per year in the last 16 years -according to the statistics issued by the Energy Information System-, the number of companies is increasing that choose to implement solar energy systems to provide the total or partial daytime electricity consumption of their facilities. If you are also thinking of adding this modality and you are wondering: How much does an industrial solar panel cost? , at La Bodega Solar we will tell you.

how much does an industrial solar panel cost

Cost of an industrial solar panel

Making an industry sustainable through self-consumption by solar panels is a good option to save energy and, at the same time, to contribute to the protection and conservation of the environment.

And it is that industrial solar panels make companies have an effective tool to get enough energy and carry out the necessary work without interruptions, while obtaining benefits such as energy savings and clean and green energy.

That being said, now we are going to address the subject of this article: the cost of an industrial solar panel .

Depending on its capacity (kWh) and quality, in Mexico the average price of an industrial solar panel is $8,000 Mexicans . Likewise, there are companies that offer a higher cost; between $12,000 and $18,000 Mexicans , but this price also includes the supply and installation of the system, as well as the management with CFE, that is, the system already in operation.

Now, to ensure the efficiency of your industrial solar system and obtain greater performance from your project, we suggest you look for solar panels from recognized brands , with a high level of power .

This is definitely the best investment you can make in your company. With a photovoltaic system you can save up to 90% on your electricity bill!

industrial solar panel

Benefits of solar energy in the industrial sector

The large surfaces available on the roofs of industrial warehouses are ideal for the installation of solar energy systems based on photovoltaic panels.

Since most industrial plants have flat roofs, one of the advantages they have is that the inclination and orientation of the panels can be selected to obtain the best performance . In addition, companies can use the photovoltaic system as an additional source of income, generating environmentally friendly electricity while reducing their CO₂ footprint .

Other benefits that we can mention are:

  • Energy savings billed by CFE.
  • They become more independent from energy companies when the price of electricity increases.
  • Deductions and tax benefits.
  • Value-added benefits for the industry (environmental, architectural).
  • Reduction of peak energy demand.
  • Power factor correction.
  • You can feed excess electricity into the public grid and be reimbursed for it.
  • Increases the profitability of the company.
  • You can rent your roofs to other investors.
  • Increases the reputation of the company among customers and employees for caring for the environment.

how much does an industrial solar panel cost

How many solar panels does my industry need?

Photovoltaic installations for industrial buildings vary in size and performance. For example, with an area of ​​600 m², a system with a capacity of up to 90 kWh can be installed .

The truth is that in order to know exactly how many solar panels you are going to need, it is important to know the amount of kWh you use per year to generate a tailor-made proposal .

You can request a quote for your industrial solar panels with La Bodega Solar by writing to info@labodegasolar.com or visiting our website www.labodegasolar.com .

You can also contact us at the following telephone numbers:

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Implement solar energy in your industrial process and make your company more competitive and sustainable!

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